How to get back up again after losing your job

Three steps to help rebuild your confidence and start new.

What you do for a living plays a major role in who you are in life. Losing that position can leave you feeling lost, embarrassed, and maybe even worthless. Learn how to pick yourself back up again and rebuild your self-esteem and confidence with these tips:

Accept it

Being retrenched or fired can often leave you in denial, feeling unfairly treated or misunderstood. Remember that a job does not define you and is not the be-all and end-all. Learning to accept that it has happened and making peace with it is the first step to rebuilding your self-worth.

Refresh your headspace

It is normal to have a pessimistic outlook on life after losing your job, but it is a mood you need to try to shake as quickly as possible to prevent yourself from spiraling into a dark place. See the situation as an opportunity for a fresh start and a time to reinvent yourself. Try a new career path, study further to specialise your skills or use the time to really explore that business start-up idea you have been dreaming about.

 Call on your network

You need all the support you can get right now, so call on people who you look up to, have a positive influence on you, and can mentor you while you decide on the next move. A career coach might be a good option to help guide you toward a job or industry that is better suited to you.

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