Dull, dry and dehydrated: common winter skin problems

How to protect your skin and keep it healthy and glowing right through winter.  

While winter comes with all those cuddly perks including cozy jerseys, hot chocolate in bed and merlot by the fire, it also comes with seriously dry air that can cause havoc for your skin. Keep your skin looking glowy and fresh throughout the colder months by fighting these common winter skin problems with the right products: 

  • Dehydration be gone

Say goodbye to dull skin by banishing dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, the volume of blood flow to the skin is less than if it is hydrated, which could cause that paler, dull look and highlights fine lines and wrinkles. The solution: Adding vitamin C to your skincare regime is one of the most important ways to improve dullness and increase radiance as this potent antioxidant has the ability to brighten, firm, nourish and smooth skin. A product like NIP+FAB Vitamin C Fix Cleanser (R250.00) helps to protect skin from everyday environmental pollutants whilst revealing clearer, brighter skin. 

  • Scrub away dead skin cells

We shed dead skin cells every day, and if these cells are not removed, they can leave the complexion looking dull and tired, and (if a build-up occurs) it can even lead to breakouts. Weekly or bi-weekly exfoliation removes dry and dead skin cells, allowing the ingredients in your skincare products to be absorbed more easily, and preventing clogged pores and blackheads. Exfoliation also smoothes the skin’s surface, so that it reflects light and appears brighter. The solution:  Exfoliating at least once a week with an illuminating scrub like NIP+FAB’s Vitamin C Scrub Fix (R250.00) will effectively cleanse, nourish and renew the skin thanks to its energizing formula infused with vitamin C, coffee seed extract and coconut oil.


  • No more dryness

Whilst dehydration refers to a lack of water in the skin, dryness refers to a lack of oil in the skin. Dry skin is typically textured, may have fine cracks and a build-up of cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis.
The solution: Applying a vitamin C serum and moisturizer twice a day will not only ensure that the skin stays moisturized and hydrated, but it will also improve the skin’s general appearance. Try Creightons 2% Vitamin C Face Serum (R139.95) and Creightons Vitamin C Moisturiser (R89.95).

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