Kansai Plascon gives green a new meaning

"We’re past green being a choice,’ says McCracken. ‘It is an imperative and ECOVATE embraces this ..."

JOHANNESBURG – Kansai Plascon is a company with a history of innovation that spans more than a century and as the industry evolves so has Plascon. Finding ways to tackle the future with fresh vigour, bright ideas and an understanding that the playing field is now a green one where environmental sensitivity will determine who wins and who loses.

“Plascon has been innovating for 125 years. We have produced many firsts and new initiatives. Today that tradition of innovation continues, with a firm focus on being green and doing what is right for the planet, not just the bottom line,” says Trudi McCracken Kansai Plascon Executive Director, Decorative Coatings. “Sustainability is at the heart of our business and it implies doing things now that will add to the overall value of the triple line of economic, social and environmental.”

Globally, all manufacturers are focussed on creating a more environmentally-conscious society, with green standard rating tools such as The Blue Angel, Green Leaf, Greenguard and locally the Green Star rating becoming much sought after accreditations.

Kansai Plascon has been steadily embracing these standards, however, the company has arrived at a point of realisation that now is the time to make the planet a better place and for government, business, communities and individuals to make a difference. And the way to do this is to ECOVATE.

“We’re past green being a choice,’ says McCracken. ‘It is an imperative and ECOVATE embraces this – it derives from words Ecology and Innovate – and it means to innovate in green because a green future is the only we’ve got,” says McCracken.

To mark the launch of its new ECOVATE philosophy, Plascon has lined up a range of new products that truly encompass all that the word means, starting with the introduction of a new water-based version of its iconic Velvaglo paint, which was originally launched in 1977.

The new Velvaglo non-drip Waterbased paint includes the active Herotech ingredients Aquatough™, which makes it longer wearing and Silver Protect™ – a smart coating that kills bacteria on contact. Furthermore, it boasts an extended product guarantee of 12 years.

Paint emissions have been a stumbling block for the industry for many years, however for some time now, Plascon water-based paints have, in accordance with its Ecokind™ promise, been low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Another new ECOVATION, the Plascon Professional Range has taken this commitment to reducing emissions from paint to a much higher level – or rather lower level.

The Plascon Professional Green Evolution Range is the first to offer both solvent free and zero VOC offerings which are ideal for professionals and professional projects which require environmentally sound solutions and is certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Another development involving Plascon Professional Evolution Range is the fact that its mattoffering can now be tinted in any of Pastel Inspired Plascon Colours. This means that the paint is readily available anywhere in SA and no longer made to order.

The introduction of Elastoshield™ to the Plascon Professional Range is another example of Plascon’s desire to ECOVATE. Elastoshield™ contains Fibre Guard™ technology which banishes hairlines cracks with its interlocking microfibre strength and flexibility. It also weatherproofs walls, preserving the colour for longer.

For a trendy textured look that protects too, Plascon Professional Marocca creates stunning effects from rippled and medium to coarse textures providing a unique feel to any surface.

Plascon has also looked to the market to see what is in demand and the launch of its Plascon True Colour Range answers the need of the middle income segment where the home is central to everyday living and where individuals want to express their creativity and identity with confidence and colour.

The Plascon True Colour range is the first of its kind to combine special formulations, advanced technologies and revolutionary innovations in a good quality, affordable range of paints that truly meets the needs of this market segment.

The range consists of Plascon True Colour Brilliant Sheen with water beading technology for easy cleaning, Plascon True Colour Thick and Strong Matt offers a low odour making painting more pleasurable. Plascon True Colour Bright Gloss provides a tough, durable, brilliant finish, while Plascon True Colour Fresh White has a refreshing apple fragrance eliminating that new paint smell.

McCracken points out that its strategy to EVOCATE does not just involve products – it has permeated every aspect of the business. The company is excited to announce it is teaming up with another iconic brand – this time Manchester United Football Club in its ‘Bring Home the Best’ Promotion

This will involve using the premier league team in its point of sale and promotional in-store displays, maximising its sell-ability and enhancing the in store branding experience. Two consumers will also be able to win trips for two to Old Trafford in 2014 to watch Manchester United. The company is also showing its own true colours through its involvement in the community.

“It’s not just about the bottom line, but about upliftment. Education is hugely important and Kansai Plascon has committed to completely renovating five underprivileged schools around the country,” explains Alex Coggins, Kansai Plascon Group Corporate Communications Manager. He says that staff will get totally involved putting in a full day’s work to achieve complete transformation of the chosen schools. Staff are also actively involved in giving extra lessons, passing on management skills and providing career counselling to the community.

“It is true evocation in education and proof of the company’s philosophy that no one is as powerful as everyone,” says Coggins. Kansai Plascon has always been a major player in the paint industry, but with its adoption to ECOVATE it has become a leader of the future and more than that, a green leader that uses technology and innovation, making the planet a better place for everyone.

Issued on behalf of Kansai Plascon by Jacqueline Boulos from Idea Engineers

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