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Core values go far

The south's very own talent and strength put together to give an entertaining show.

ALBERTON: Gravity Core, a team of individuals from Mayberry Park and Soweto started working out together and soon after discovered their core strength, entering SA’s Got Talent.

Street workout is a fairly new sport in the country and currently there are only three teams participating in it and a handful who have actually mastered it. It uses a lot of core muscle, although it is an all-around workout allowing a lot of definition.

This sport requires no equipment, “The world is our playground and we identify objects and use them to our advantage and to train. We started training for this in 2011 and after seeing the major response we got from people at shopping malls, we decided to enter the competition,” they said.

Mostly they use kettle bells, not to lift the kettle bells, but to lift themselves off the floor using only muscle, posture and a whole lot of strength. Different techniques and styles are used to entertain the crowds and the audience of SA’s Got Talent, such as the human flag.

They also use dip machines and pull-up bars. After uploading a video to Youtube, the response there was just as overwhelming as they found the other groups who also do this unique sport. They also got the idea to enter the competition from viewers.

“We entered SA’s Got Talent to get the maximum exposure as we need investors for our talent. Many women are also becoming more and more interested in the sport and we hope it grows.

“We definitely want to win the competition, nobody remembers second place. We would also like to get more equipment. The community is our passion and we do a lot for it, like doing demo’s for the kids in different areas.”

One of the team members, Smith Mangena went to Russia to compete in the World Street Workout and Kinesthetics Championships 2013. South Africa ranked 18th in the world and next year they will be bringing the championship to SA.

The three train three to four hours a day and would like to be the best at what they do. “We started at a point, doing crazy things and now we are where we are today… addicted!”

Catch Gravity Core on SA’s Got Talent which is on a Thursday night at 20:30 on eTV. Visit and like their Facebook page: Gravity Core and follow them on Twitter @gcoresa.

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