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Power outages at the Alberton Labour Department

There have been problems regarding power related issues at the Labour Department recently.

Alberton – Community members were concerned about power outages at the Alberton Labour Department.

According to a community member on July 3, the lights kept going on and off at random intervals. The Labour Department responded to the enquiry as follows:

How long has the situation been going on for?

“The problem is a long-standing problem which has been occurring during winter months for the past three years.”

What is causing the power outages or the lights to go out?

“The Labour Centre is not the only tenant in this building and shares the power supply with other tenants. During cold days heaters and air conditioners are used, and this is causing strain on the power supply, which causes the power outages. The landlord is aware of the problem and has been trying to improve the situation.”

Is it something internal or an external problem?

“The power supply to the building does meet the required statutory standards. As indicated above the use of heaters and air conditioners contributes to the problem by causing an overload on the electrical system.”

How can this matter be resolved:

“The Department of Labour is looking into the problem and we are also implementing measures to limit the use of air conditioners and heaters. Of course this will cause an inconvenience to both clients and staff, but we will constantly monitor the situation to find ways to improve and we assure them that management is working towards resolving the matter and finding a lasting solution,” said Mishack Magakwe.

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