Continental introduces the UltraContact NXT

Discover the groundbreaking UltraContact NXT tyre by Continental, featuring an impressive 65% of renewable, recycled materials.

Join Continental on its journey towards a greener future as it takes the lead as the first manufacturer to launch a tyre that combines a high proportion of sustainable materials with outstanding EU tyre label performance. Every size of the UltraContact NXT boasts the highest rating (“A”) on the EU tyre label for rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise.

With its bio-based silica, recycled steel and eco-friendly manufacturing process, these new tyres are revolutionising the industry.

Ferdinand Hoyos, the head of Continental’s business area replacement tyres under EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), emphasised the company’s commitment to safety, performance and sustainability. The UltraContact NXT represents a significant technological advancement and showcases Continental’s dedication to eco-friendly practices while ensuring optimal safety standards.

This innovative tyre incorporates renewable materials, including bio-based silica derived from agricultural waste. Up to 32% of the UltraContact NXT consists of these renewable materials, contributing to its impressive sustainability profile.

Additionally, the tyre contains silicate extracted from rice husk ash, a byproduct of agriculture. The new, energy-efficient process used to transform rice husks into silica enhances grip, reduces rolling resistance and extends tyre life. Natural rubber, another essential material in tyre production, ensures superior performance, strength and durability.

Continental went a step further by incorporating recycled steel in the UltraContact NXT. With its innovative ContiRe.Tex technology, the company can now recycle between nine and 15 plastic bottles per tyre, depending on the size. This environmentally friendly alternative not only conserves energy, but also helps in waste reduction.

Continental’s ambitious goal is to have more than 40% of its tyres made from renewable and recycled materials by 2030, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and a greener future.

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