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A powerful anthem of love and loyalty arises

Prince Mercy’s single Complicated, Interlude is set to share a heartfelt message about the complexities of love and the importance of loyalty in relationships.

An up-and-coming artist from Alexandra, Mohau Prince Mbatha, known as ‘Prince Mercy’ in the music industry, is set to release his hottest single titled Complicated, Interlude.

Prince Mercy is an emerging talent specialising in hip-hop, RnB and soul music. His unique style and powerful messages have garnered him well-deserved attention and praise in the music industry.

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Complicated, Interlude blends Prince Mercy’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals with smooth RnB beats, creating an emotional anthem for couples everywhere.

A proposed cover for Prince Mercys single album.
A proposed cover for Prince Mercys single album.

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Prince Mercy said he wanted to create a song that acknowledges the reality of relationships. “The message behind the song is love. I want to inspire fans to nurture their relationships and recognise the transformative power of love.
“I want to remind people that love is gentle; love is patient, meaning no matter what you and your partner go through, never turn on each other; for love is complicated, but loyalty can make it work.”

He added that the song targets mostly people in relationships and those who want to be in relationships.

The single will be released on his digital platforms on May 31.

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