Elements of a classic French garden

We visited The Lifestyle Garden Design Show to see seven gorgeous French-style gardens.

Renaissance grandeur

The ‘Classique Magnifique’ garden reflects the symmetry, grandeur and formality of 17th and 18th-century French chateaux.


Hardscaping features with exaggerated height make an architectural statement. Balanced parterres and neat gravel pathways leading to a central focal feature depict the classic French look.

Knot gardens

Featuring trimmed hedging in contrasting colours and heights to create interest, texture and balance, knot gardens were designed to be viewed from above. Identical plantings bordering a central axis and a limited use of colour emphasises the clean lines.



‘Soup & Salad’ is a potager garden filled with colourful herbs, flowers and fruit trees set against a backdrop of brickwork. Practical and decorative it contains raised beds and containers and an espaliered grapevine.


The central square

‘Bouquet’ represents the charming cobbled streets and outdoor seating areas in a square in a French town with a raised water feature and evenly spaced trees.

Bright colours

Painted wooden planters brimming with vibrant coreopsis and chrysanthemums are typical of village style.

  ‘Bouquet’ features ochre walls, an arch-cloistered walkway with trellis and potted plants.


Alfresco dining

A street-side café scene, ‘A La Carte Al Fresco’ represents a spot from which to enjoy the passing parade. Bubbling fountains, olive trees (Olea europaea ‘Mission’) and trellis with climbing grapevines (Vinis vinifera varieties) create a Mediterranean atmosphere.


Provençal-style plants and features

Inspired by the countryside, ‘Serendipity’ features a tranquil bubbling millstone surrounded by marigolds and lavender.  


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