South Africa’s top 10 most expensive areas

Buying a home in an expensive area can be a long-term investment. Here are some of the affluent areas in South Africa:

South Africa’s real estate industry is constantly evolving. As much as there are upcoming suburbs for the first-time homebuyer, there are well established opulent neighbourhoods available for the seasoned property buyer to invest in. If you’re looking to invest in an upmarket area or are merely curious about what the top 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa are, have a look at the list below:

1. Clifton

The Western Cape is renowned for its expensive property prices across middle to high-income areas, which is precisely why half of this list consists of suburbs in the Western Cape.

Clifton is popular for its magnificent beachside properties and luxurious lifestyle and is considered the most expensive suburb in South Africa. The properties in Clifton range from R20 million upwards. It’s no wonder rich and famous Hollywood stars usually make a stop in Clifton when they visit South Africa — it’s the ultimate high class ‘Mediterranean’ lifestyle in Africa.

2. Bantry Bay

Right next to Clifton lies Bantry Bay which is connected by the country’s richest road, Victoria Road. Real estate prices on Victoria Road are approximately R80 000 per square metre, whereas, in Bantry Bay itself, real estate prices are R67 000 per square metre.

Bantry Bay is situated along the Atlantic Seaboard, on the Lion’s Head incline, giving residents incredible views of the ocean. Lined with many affluent hotels and accommodation, this suburb attracts many tourists and is also well-liked for being the most wind-free suburb in Cape Town.

3. Fresnaye

Another elite suburb in the Western Cape, Fresnaye finds itself nestled between Sea Point and Signal Hill. Much like Bantry Bay, this suburb is also situated on the Lion’s Head incline and is considered to have some of the best architecturally designed homes in Cape Town. Living here doesn’t only provide an upmarket seaside lifestyle, but it also gives residents convenient access to the CBD, beaches, the V&A Waterfront, and other amenities that can keep one entertained.

4. Camps Bay

The soft white beach, natural rock swimming pool and easily accessible restaurants, cafes and retailers are a part of what makes Camps Bay one of the Western Cape’s best suburbs.

Camps Bay is the place to be if you’re looking for opulence with a dash of authenticity and vibrance. The average real estate price in the area is R49 000 per square metre. Living here is nothing short of aesthetically pleasing. This is the ultimate laidback, urban beach lifestyle.

5. Llandudno

Located on the Atlantic Seaboard, Llandudno is one of the country’s most affluent suburbs. It has a magnificent beach whose waves are considered a great spot for surfing. The beach provides a lifeguard service during the summer month, and a few minutes walk away lies Sandy Bay, for the free spirits who love sunbathing in the nude.

A property in Llandudno will set you back about R46 000 per square metre. You can expect calm energy in this suburb, as there are no shops or streetlights. Driving in this luxurious suburb gives you amazing views of the vicinity and is sure to make you feel like the main character in a movie.

6. Umhlanga

Umhlanga is a suburb in KwaZulu-Natal. It is a coastal town that attracts international and local tourists alike. Unlike the ocean water in the Western Cape, the ocean water in Umhlanga comes from the Indian Ocean, which means it is warm and pleasant to swim in.

Umhlanga is a town that provides upmarket urban living, convenient access to amenities and retailers, as well as great views of the ocean.

7. Waterkloof

Waterkloof is a suburb in the east of Pretoria, Gauteng. A few years ago, Seeff reported that Waterkloof had overtaken luxurious suburbs like Sandton as the most wealthy suburb in the Gauteng province.

This suburb is characterised by great security, with many upmarket homes being located in some of the best estates that the country has to offer. Waterkloof is also a beautiful area to live in, surrounded by luscious trees and the Jacaranda which blooms every spring, lining the streets with purple.

Many homes in Waterkloof are located in the hills, giving residents panoramic views of the area. The Union Buildings, retailers, and fun activities such as golfing are also available within the area.

8. Sandhurst

Sandton is the richest square mile in Africa and is home to a number of opulent suburbs that house some of South Africa’s richest. Sandhurst attracts many business professionals, from within the country and internationally. This area is said to have the highest volume of super-homes in the country, so that gives you a picture of the calibre of lifestyle in Sandhurst.

9. Houghton

One of the country’s most upmarket areas, Houghton, is known for being home to the late former president, Nelson Mandela. It is lined with mansions and high walls and is conveniently near the M1 highways, main roads, and amenities such as golf courses. Houghton is also close to one of the best schools in South Africa, King Edwards VII School for Boys, which has a history that is over 100 years old.

This is the place to be if you like to be surrounded by greenery, and peace and quiet, with a vibrant lifestyle just a stone’s throw away from your tranquil neighbourhood.

10. Hillcrest

Hillcrest is one of Durban’s most expensive suburbs, and as a result, one of South Africa’s most expensive too. This neighbourhood is quiet and offers a getaway from the high energy of Durban city life. It is a relatively safe area, with the current average property price being R 3 702 622.

Read more about the top 5 richest areas in South Africa in the SA Wealth Report, published in April 2020.

South Africa has a number of wealthy suburbs that those with the budget should consider investing in for an upmarket and safe lifestyle.

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