Affordable ways to renovate your kitchen

If your budget is not enough to get you a whole kitchen lift, then renovate the key areas of your kitchen for a new look.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you prepare delicious food that nourishes your body, and sometimes it is where the family communes and breaks bread together. Having a beautiful kitchen can inspire you to create the most amazing meals and it also brings the home’s aesthetic together in a great way. If you’re looking to make changes to your kitchen but are on a limited budget, have a look at the following 8 affordable tips that will transform your kitchen:

1. Use contact paper to update your countertops

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If your countertops are no longer in style, you can update them without having to buy new ones or pay for the labour required to replace them. By using contact paper, your old 1960-esque countertops can be easily transformed into something ultra-modern.

Contact paper comes in a variety of designs and patterns. If you’re looking for elegant and simple countertops, using marble contact paper is a great choice.

2. Decal or wallpaper works as a backsplash

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Tired of the same, boring backsplash? Spruce up your backsplash with decal or wallpaper. There are a variety of designs to choose from which will transform your ordinary white backsplash to a stylish and sophisticated one that changes the entire look of your kitchen.

3. Outdated cabinets? Use contact paper to spruce it up

It seems like there’s nothing contact paper can’t fix. If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, you can upgrade them by using contact paper to change the aesthetic. All you have to do is purchase the style of contact paper you’d like to see on your cabinetry and cut it out in the exact measurements using a craft knife.

When done properly, the end result will have your kitchen looking like you’ve just replaced the entire cabinetry.

4. Update old kitchen tiles with vinyl flooring

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There’s something about wooden flooring that brings elegance into a space. However, wooden flooring can cost quite a lot to install, particularly if you still have to remove tiles from your kitchen.

One way to achieve the luxury wooden flooring look on a budget is to install vinyl floor sheets that look like wood on top of your tiles. Vinyl is quite affordable compared to wood and is easy to install and remove.

5. Give it a fresh coat of paint

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A fresh coat of paint can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Painting is relatively affordable, and unless you have a humongous kitchen, it shouldn’t require that many paint cans or take too long.

Choose white or a neutral colour as those colours are timeless.

6. Add designer light fixtures

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A quick and cheap way to renovate your kitchen is to purchase designer light fixtures. These differ from regular lights because they not only serve a functional purpose, but they are decorative as well. There is an array of designs to choose from and you can find designs that are specially designed to match the interior design of your home.

They can change the ambiance of a home in one simple flick!

7. Upgrade your sink and taps

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Change your taps and your sink to something more modern. This will play a huge part in making your kitchen look visually pleasing.

8. Play your kitchen up with art and plants

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Another way to update your kitchen is to add art and plants. Adding pieces of art and plants to any room immediately changes the atmosphere, so the same principle applies to your kitchen.

You can give your outdated kitchen a much-needed upgrade without going out of budget by following the above design and decor tips.

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