Ready to play your best game yet?

Then it’s time to arm yourself with Samsung’s Odyssey G9 monitor.

Packed full of features optimised for gaming environments, there are many amazing reasons why the Samsung Odyssey G9 won a CES Innovation Award 2020 in the Computer Peripherals and Accessories category.

In order to discover its award-winning capabilities, Samsung Newsroom tried out the Odyssey G9, a monitor designed to help you play your best game. Here’s why this incredible technology gives gamers a winning advantage:

A 32:9 Ultra-Wide Aspect Ratio to Widen Your Field of Scope

The Odyssey G9 features an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor that curves around the player and fills your entire field of view for a fully immersive gaming environment. For games that feature a map or item inventory, conventional monitors might require you to scroll to take in all its content; but with the Odyssey G9, all it takes is a single glance.

Another key point to consider when choosing a gaming monitor other than its size is its resolution – and with its 5,120 X 1,440 DQHD resolution and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, the Odyssey G9 offers users visually enthralling gaming experiences.

Lightning-Fast Refresh and Response Rates to Enable Smooth Gameplay

Gamers value monitors with a high screen refresh rate because they know that this determines how many images can be displayed on a monitor per second. The higher the refresh rate is, the smoother the display of images is onscreen. This is particularly important for first-person shooter (FPS) games, where split-second decisions can determine a player’s victory or loss, and also for large-scale raids in games that are loaded with intense graphics and many different characters. The Odyssey G9 can process 240 frames every second, a screen refresh rate high enough to portray even the most complex game motions and scenarios seamlessly.

Having a gaming monitor that provides high refresh rates and super-fast response times is just as important as equipping yourself with the best in-game items. The response time is the time it takes for a video signal to be sent from a graphic card to the monitor. Low response times can result in shaky or unwanted black screens when scrolling, whereas a monitor with a fast response time offers quick colour and contrast change, providing gamers with clear and halo effect-free gaming experiences.

The Odyssey G9 supports a 1ms (GTG) response time, meaning the monitor will respond to signals from the graphic card in 0.001 of a second. Moreover, the gaming monitor is G-Sync compatible as well as supporting Adaptive-sync to enable smoother gameplay even with graphically demanding gameplay as found in racing or raid-based games.

1000R Curvature and Adjustable Height for Optimal Comfort

Gameplay can put a lot of stress on your eyes given the intense focus that is needed when gaming compared to when using the monitor for other tasks. The Odyssey G9 provides users with a more eye-friendly experience thanks to its 1000R QLED curved panel. This curved screen provides maximum comfortable immersion to users as it helps maintain the same viewing distance at any angle and minimises screen distortion. When viewed across the G9’s curved screen, game graphics appear more realistic for an optimised gaming experience.

Another advantage the Odyssey G9 monitor offers gamers is the ability to easily adjust its height or angle as a user requires. Unlike other monitors that can become uncomfortable if they rest too high or too low and cannot be re-adjusted, users can freely adjust the Odyssey G9’s stand to match their own preferences and stay as comfortably immersed as possible in their game.

Infinity Core Lighting to Set the Scene

*The Odyssey G9 comes in the shade Glossy White. This photo has been edited from the original lighting condition to highlight the Odyssey G9’s Infinity Core Lighting.

In line with the direction of today’s futuristic game technologies, the Odyssey G9 features an innovative and cutting-edge design. Its Infinity Core Lighting features 52 colours and 5 lighting effects set behind the display that light up the room the monitor is placed in. Users can choose to have just one colour illuminate their room whilst gaming or have colours alternate by choosing from the ‘rainbow’, ‘blink’ or ‘fast blink’ effects.

Furthermore, the Odyssey G9’s exterior is finished with a striking bright white colour to highlight the product’s sleek design and innovative functionality.

In the gaming world, just the fraction of a second can mean the difference between success and defeat. Samsung’s Odyssey G9 monitor provides users with full immersion and seamless gameplay so that victory is always close at hand.

Explore the Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor and its game-changing features here

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