Looking for a new job? Here are four things to consider other than the salary being offered

Ensure the move to a new opportunity is one with good benefits. The benefits should be better than the ones you are getting at your current work place.

Job hunting can become an experience of intense frustration if not done correctly. From sending out your resume and waiting to hear back from the company, to having the first interview and waiting for the next, the waiting period can be stressful. As much as there are a few challenges and stress with job searching, it can also be exciting.

When an individual decides to put their CV out there, they are preparing themselves for a whole new world of possibilities. Looking for a new job might be the answer to reduce the stress levels the current job is giving you. The updating of the CV, checking job availability portals and even getting a professional to help tweak your CV, are all great ways to get started with the journey of job hunting.

There are a number of reasons why someone might be looking for a job elsewhere. For some it might be to have more personal time with their loved ones as the current job keeps getting in the way of family time. For another person, it might be to escape the toxic and unproductive work environment they are in. The most popular reason would be for search of better salary in a new work space.

Whether you are looking for a job or considering to look for another job, the salary should not be the only thing to consider. Devan Moonsamy shares 4 things to consider when considering taking a job other than the salary:

  1. When you apply for a job, consider the proximity of work to where you stay. It might sound fantastic to join a new firm on the other side of town for a nice package, but it might be disappointing when you end up spending hours on the road each day. The commute to work must be taken into consideration when deciding to take a new job. This would also mean considering the option of relocation. If there is a possibility for the job you want in a different province or city, you should consider if you are willing to take the leap and move ahead. Consider things like public transport as well as lift clubs when making the decision around commute. It plays a big role in a make-or-break deal for a potential job.
  2. A job without benefits is risky. Ensure the move to a new opportunity is one with good benefits. The benefits should be better than the ones you are getting at your current work place. Benefits are not just medical aid and provident funds. It is also not needing to work weekends and having flexi work hours where possible. The benefits can also be the structure for the leave the company has. Will you have to jump through hoops just to get a day off or is it as simple as applying and it being processed in a stipulated time frame. Another benefit might also be the option to work from home as this is acceptable now.
  3. Look at the company work culture. Many businesses have an online presence. Keeping track of the events they host and the environment they create for employee wellness is important to prioritise employee wellness. If you know anyone in the business chat to them around the work culture. This can be tricky as the way the person paints a picture of the business might influence the way you see the business. Instead, when you are heading the for the interview or you intend to apply conduct research to understand the work culture present. If you are in the interview phase, ask questions around employee wellness and support. This can also help understand the work place culture and support for staff in the work environment.
  4. Salary is an important factor above all. At the end of the day, one will need to ensure the money from the new venture covers the expenses. But this is not the only thing to consider. If the new move is just a small bump up from the current workplace, engage with the existing workplace and try to negotiate an increase, this works if the reason for wanting to leave is salary. At the same time consider the salary at the new place along with the other factors that come with taking on a new place of employment.  A key point of focus would be the possibility to grow in the business. Consider that when asking questions in the interview. Besides the benefits and salary, is there room for growth at the company?

Devan Moonsamy is the CEO of ICHAF Training Institute, a South African Corporate Training Provider & National Learning Institute and the author of Racism, Classism, Sexism, And The Other ISMs That Divide Us, and My Leadership Legacy Journal available from the ICHAF Training Institute. 

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