How to pack light every time

Tired of traveling with too much stuff, but not sure how to cut back? Let these pro tips guide you…

Packing light can be a challenge, especially if you’re a person who likes to be prepared for every eventuality. But the freedom that comes with a lighter bag is well worth the effort beforehand – and who knows, in time you might just travel with a carry-on (bye, bye boring baggage queue!).  

Here’s how to do it…


Use a smaller bag as it will force you to prioritize. The ideal luggage is lightweight, waterproof, durable and easy to roll. An expandable suitcase offers maximum flexibility (ie. space for holiday purchases. 


Prioritize versatile pieces, lightweight fabrics and items you can layer for warmth. The 1-2-3-4-5-6 packing rule is helpful: 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes (you’ll be wearing a third), 3 pairs of pants or skirts, 4 shirts or tops, 5 pairs of socks and 6 sets of underwear. Throw in swimwear, a nice dress and jacket (or multi-purpose shawl or pashmina), plus fun accessories, and you’re set. Plan to do laundry once a week while away. Obviously, if you’re traveling to cold climes, you’ll need thicker clothing – wear your bulkiest items (including boots) on the plane.


Buy travel size versions of your favourite hair and skincare products or decant your home supply into smaller containers. Shampoo bars are easy and effective, and many soaps are mild enough to use on your face. If the trip is temporary, cutting down your beauty routine might give your skin a break.

Purge your make up bag too and only take items you know you’ll use. The same applies to medication.


Not sure what tech to take? Depending on the purpose of your trip, a quality cellphone can easily double as a camera and reading device. Alternatively, a tablet or kindle is lighter than books. Buy a plug extender with USB charge ports to avoid carrying many cables. A small power bank is also worth considering. Remember to trim wallets and purses too by leaving non-essential items such as loyalty cards at home.


It’s often better to roll clothing, though with packing cubes folding is fine as they keep clothes flat and organized (and your suitcase satisfyingly neat!). Flight attendants pack their heaviest items (toiletries and shoes) at the bottom end of their cases where the wheels are, as this makes rolling luggage easy.

Have a fabulous trip!

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