Travel … from the comfort of your sofa

Can’t travel? Here’s a grand option for armchair travellers...

For armchair travellers … the incredible To the Edges of the Earth. Four years. Seven continents. And a quest to document and champion the preservation of the most remote wilderness realms on earth.

Veteran wildlife photographers Peter Pickford and his wife Beverly were both born and educated in South Africa. Meeting in 1979 when they were working in wildlife tourism, their work has carried them across all continents, producing ten books.

They had a dream to photograph the last remaining wild land on earth … and To the Edges of the Earth is the book which recounts the story of their four and a half years of overland travel, in their specially adapted Land Rover.

Their journey took them not only through the earth’s last wild landscapes, but deeper into the heart of the adventure that is travel: the places, the people, the excitement, the serenity, the hardship and the joy that stepping outside into the unknown makes so immediate to our attention. Bookstorm available at Exclusive Books

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