Sinesipho Schrieber
2 minute read
9 Nov 2019
6:15 am

Investors enthusiastic about their pledges to SA

Sinesipho Schrieber

'We are absolute believers that SA is going to rise in the years ahead. To this end we wish to contribute to the growth and development of the country.'

Special economic zones are signified by their potential to encourage national economic growth, export goods and attract both foreign and domestic investments and technology. Picture: Supplied

Investors say the R363 billion in pledges made at the South African Investment Conference this week was essential in making the country economically viable and progressive and, most importantly, to sustain life. Intercontinental partnership Brics’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) New Development Bank (NDB) invested R23 billion for projects aimed at rescuing the troubled energy and water sectors, as well as the development of transport infrastructure in 2020. NDB director Monale Ratsoma said: “We are not a commercial bank but a developmental one, and [that is] one of the reasons we decided to invest [in] entities that would...