Craig Torr
4 minute read
18 Mar 2020
5:20 pm

Finances in your 40s: More money, but often more problems

Craig Torr

As well as being a time when you're probably doing well in your career, your personal life is likely becoming very complicated, and it all costs money.

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Having developed your occupational expertise and being on an upward earnings trajectory, your 40s can be a highly successful time in your career. At the same time, however, it is likely your personal life has become more complex and demanding, especially when it involves parenting teenagers, running a home, worrying about ageing parents and trying to find work-life balance. As opposed to being cash-flush years, the 40s can be particularly lean in terms of cash flow as you find yourself financially torn between paying off your home loan, saving for retirement, investing for your children’s education, and possibly providing your...