Desiré Fourie
2 minute read
8 Jun 2020
10:09 am

Beauty industry’s ugly reality under lockdown continues in Mbombela

Desiré Fourie

Advocate Carlo Viljoen has been hard at work trying to battle the regulations in order to save the industry.

Health and beauty practitioners from across South Africa have been under pressure as a result of having to remain closed due to lockdown regulations.

Advocate Carlo Viljoen has been hard at work trying to battle the regulations in order to save the industry. The situation has been no different locally, with many hairdressers and salons having to take loans or find other means of income, reports Lowvelder.

Diana Roux, owner of Face to the Wind, said: “Lockdown has a devastating effect on Face to the Wind. It has a tremendous financial impact because we were still on the recovering process after we were given short notice at our previous premises.

“We incurred big expenses to relocate. Nobody was prepared to survive without an income for as long as we have.

“We still have to pay rent and, although our landlord gave us 15% discount, it’s still impossible to pay such high rent without an income.

“As a single mother with two children and no support from their father, I have used my savings to cover my expenses for two months but unfortunately I could not pay my rent this month. It implicates that we will be starting with a backlog or will have to face notice soon.

“Even though my daughter has a job, she only received salary for the first month of lockdown and nothing after that. I’ve had to support her, as well as my 17-year-old son, with all their personal expenses.

“I am the primary breadwinner and so are some of my therapists. Although we have applied for financial support through the government and UIF, we have not received a response. I’ve had to pay my staff out of my own pocket.

“I’ve had to take a loan which I will have to pay back over the next 12 months. I did not pay my own salary, it was more important for me to know that my employees have food on their tables.

“My health is starting to suffer under the pressure; sleeplessness and weight loss is having a negative effect on me. I am tired but still motivated. If being strong is all you’ve got, you have to believe that everything will be fine.

“My anchor is in prayer, and God is my provider. My mom and dad phoned me every day to support me. That is what has kept me going. I want to thank my a few of my clients for the food parcels, supportive messages and vouchers that they bought during this time.”

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