Eric Naki
Political Editor
4 minute read
14 Jul 2020
6:44 am

Employers and employees at loggerheads over delayed UIF payouts

Eric Naki

Many restaurant owners say they have submitted claim after claim, but nothing has been forthcoming from the government.

Urban Moyo restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg. Picture: Facebook

Employees and employers are at loggerheads over delayed payouts of money due to workers by the UIF-Covid-19 Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (Ters). The Restaurant Association of SA (Rasa) warned that if the money was not paid, its members would be forced to retrench hundreds of thousands of workers. Many employees said they were struggling to make ends meet and accused employers of deliberately not paying over their dues from the Covid-19 distress relief funds. But employers who spoke to The Citizen expressed frustration that the scheme was not processing the applications they had submitted on behalf of their employees during...