Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
2 minute read
9 Sep 2020
5:38 pm

Are we going to work from home forever?

Ina Opperman

Many people were forced to work from home when the lockdown started at the end of March and many continued to work from home as lockdown was eased. The world of work has definitely changed. Will we work from home forever now?

“It is hard to say how many people are back in the office, but the romanticism of working from home is certainly fading. People want to get back to work, but a lot depends on the buildings. Smaller buildings are definitely filling up where people can get in and out easily,” says Linda Trim, sales and marketing director at Giant Leap. David Bernstein, director at Pulse HR Consulting, has noticed a hybrid approach where possible, with industry and business-specific staff returning to work on short-time or split-shift work. Although the technology is available, Trim says she does not believe it...