Ann Crotty
4 minute read
16 Sep 2020
7:41 am

Boardroom a tad yesteryear …

Ann Crotty

Foschini group’s board has been dominated by white males for decades.

For a company that seems to thrive in the world of fashion, its approach to governance seems remarkably old-fashioned – the boardroom profile of The Foschini Group (TFG) is more like something out of the 1980s than the 21st Century. Even the name TFG is tediously fashionable: a nod to the forced trendy casualness of the internet world. Fellow reasonably successful clothing retailer Truworths is also struggling to shake off its dependence on oldish white males. Its very long-serving CEO Michael Marks recently announced he would be holding on to his job for another two years – making it 32 in...