Jesse Morgans
4 minute read
21 Sep 2020
9:48 am

Are your investments safe in SA? Some things to consider when going offshore

Jesse Morgans

There is a very real concern that our fiscal and monetary policy may deteriorate along with the likes of our state-owned enterprises.

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A Moneyweb reader asked: I have R3 million invested in SA earning 8% per annum. I am afraid that with the country’s financial problems, the rand may weaken over the next five to 10 years. Will it be advisable to rather invest in a dollar or pound sterling investment in a bank overseas and safeguard the value of my money (in rand terms)? Jesse Morgans, who is a certified financial advisor at Asset Protection International, answered: Without knowing the role that this money plays in your overall financial plan, I will address the considerations around the points that you have...