Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
3 minute read
1 Oct 2020
12:50 pm

Will flying for leisure travel change after Covid-19?

Ina Opperman

Will it still be good value to fly with a family instead of driving? Has the pandemic brought a permanent change to how people will travel in leisure for the future?

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Domestic flights for leisure have been allowed since 18 August. The prices have not increased much and there has been an uptake for leisure travel by air, but it is only a fraction of what it was before the lockdown. FlySafair, Airlink and Cemair have been in operation, as well as Mango, although it has had some problems over the past week. Kirby Gordon, CMO of FlySafair, says prices have remained the same, although pricing is a fairly complicated question. “The average fare paid this month is about 6% up on what it was last year, which is effectively inflation.”...