Suren Naidoo
4 minute read
2 Oct 2020
4:32 am

Seeing Edgars’ retail ability

Suren Naidoo

CEO Norman Drieselmann says Edgars presents a wonderful growth prospect for group.

Image: iStock

Three names – Retailability, Norman Drieselmann and Clifford Lines – are set to become more familiar in South Africa’s boardrooms, especially among retail landlords and competing retailers. Durban-based Retailability, which finalised its purchase of the 91-year-old Edgars chain from beleaguered Edcon earlier this month, is led by Drieselmann as chief executive officer (CEO). Lines is the group’s founder and current chair. Its history goes back some 36 years, but many still wondered “who is Retailability?” when it first emerged as the buyer of Edgars in July. In fact, the group purchased the Legit chain from Edcon back in 2017. The...