Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
11 Oct 2020
2:16 pm

SA’s air dogs help train US Air Force’s top guns

Brendan Seery

Experienced South African technicians and former SAAF fighters are part of a programme to train US Air Force pilots in the finer details of air combat and maintenance.

Two Mirage fighters from an "agressor"squadron ready to fly against US Air Force "Top Gun"pilots. PIc: Draken International

Watch your six, Maverick! That Mirage F1 about to bounce you out of the sun has years of South African combat and technical experience behind it and is keen to teach you American Top Gun fighter pilots a thing or two... South African technicians and former SA Air Force (SAAF) pilots are bringing their experience of operational war flying – gained from dogfights against Soviet-made MiGs in the skies over southern Angola, as well as maintaining and repairing complex frontline aircraft – to a program which helps train US Air Force (USAF) pilots in the deadly art of air-to-air combat....