Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
3 minute read
21 Oct 2020
5:11 pm

A TV licence for your smart phone might not be a smart idea

Ina Opperman

New regulations to get people who do not even own a television set to pay television licences could be the final straw for tax payers.

Remember this SABC test pattern? Back in the day when your choice was take it or leave it.

The SABC wants pay-TV service providers, such as MultiChoice (DStv) and video on demand providers, such as Netflix, ShowMax (owned by Multichoice), Amazon Prime, and Apple TV to collect TV licence fees on its behalf. If you watch programmes on streaming services on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, the SABC wants you to pay. However, Johan Troskie, an independent tax lawyer, says this way of indirectly taxing people will push tax payers to the brink, where they will decide that enough is enough and simply stop paying altogether, or find ways to pay less. “Many people already do not pay...