Carina Koen
5 minute read
18 Nov 2020
4:22 pm

Don’t let the zzzzzz in Zondo fool you, Zuma

Carina Koen

Monday wasn’t as wild as I was hoping. Zuma sloped in and sat down. Two hours later he stood up and sloped out again. He didn’t have his 'Umshini wami' face on, that’s for sure.

I usually avoid watching the Zondo commission because I find it triggering. Evidence leader Kate Hofmeyr reminds me of an Afrikaans girlfriend I once had who interrogated me relentlessly if I failed to come up with a plausible explanation for something I might or might not have done. And the head of the legal team, Paul Pretorius, reminds me of a PT instructor in the army who did his best to kill me because I was from Durban and seemed not to care that we were at war. I did catch a bit of the show on Monday, though, but...