Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
2 minute read
1 Dec 2020
5:15 am

Trucking war costs a bundle and sabotages economy – economist

Brian Sokutu

'It is service and criminality that is affecting the entire transport industry: rail overhead cables are being stolen, trucks are being burnt and you have the taxi violence – all amounting to economic sabotage.'

Two trucks that were set on fire early Wednesday morning on the N12 between Kingsway and Pansy offramps in Ekurhuleni, 25 November 2020. Pictures Neil McCartney

A burning truck costs at least R2 million, which means billions of rands have been lost by the trucking industry in recent attacks and looting, according to leading economist Mike Schussler. The violence has left at least one driver dead but companies have no other means of transporting goods efficiently. Rail “is only good for bulk commodities, such as chrome, coal, iron ore and manganese, but proving very slow ... compared to trucks, which are more costly”, said Schussler. “The other problem with rail is that much of its infrastructure has been stolen, with many African countries, like Zimbabwe, without...