Roy Cokayne
2 minute read
24 Dec 2020
8:27 am

Strikes over at trucking firms

Roy Cokayne

The protests resulted in the permanent closure and dissolution of Elf Trans.

Trucks parked outside Mediterranean Shiping Co. at City Deep in Johannesburg, 7 June 2020, during a protest against foreign nationals employed by the industry. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

The strikes and protests at transport companies that contributed to a critical shortage of cement and other construction materials have ceased – for now. It also resulted in a critical shortage of steel, bricks and timber. Concern was expressed that if the shortages continued for an extended period of time, they had the potential to derail government’s planned massive infrastructure investment plan to stimulate the economy post the Covid-19 lockdown. Bogdan Kazmierczak, owner of Bogdans Transport – one of the largest transporters of bulk cement – confirmed this week that he had obtained a final interdict against the protesters, who...