Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
4 minute read
10 Jun 2022
2:42 pm

Rail industry welcomes National Rail Policy, but Transnet’s approach has ‘no hope of success’

Ina Opperman

Third party access for the rail industry will be difficult due to Transnet’s current third-party access process that limits it to two years.

Image: iStock

The rail industry has welcomed the National Rail Policy (NRP) launched last week, but say Transnet’s approach to the process will not result in any private investment in the sector, despite the policy specifically being meant to ensure a balanced, well-considered and fundamentally investable approach to third-party access. The African Rail Industry Association (ARIA), that represents Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), rail operators and rail services companies in the rail sector and associated industries, is urging government, as Transnet’s shareholder, to encourage Transnet to reconcile its current third-party access process with the cabinet approved policy, and commit to enabling the structural...