Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
4 minute read
17 Jun 2022
4:55 pm

Lack of transport , dirty air keep SA’s metros off list of Top 200 global cities

Ina Opperman

Cities in South Africa are not places with world-leading infrastructure that are difficult to replicate and will draw the best talent.

Image: iStock

South African cities are failing to keep up with the best cities in the world, due to a lack of public transport, and air quality standards that leave plenty to be desired. Not a single South African city managed to compete with the top 200 global cities, although some performed well in Africa, and are only outperformed by Cairo and Alexandra in Egypt. According to the Schroders Global Cities Index, a top-ranked global city is an international hub for business and culture, with a large and diverse economy, a strong cultural scene, top class education, and world-leading infrastructure that is...