John Culverwell
1 minute read
4 May 2016
1:30 pm

Business Leadership: What we need to do to achieve an economic miracle

John Culverwell

WATCH: If SA fails to build confidence, we’ll be overtaken by events – Tseke Nkadimeng (Quick Insight: 3’54”).

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When Tseke Nkadimeng was growing up in a village in 80’s South Africa, he would listen to his elders discussing how to achieve political freedom. The talk always revolved around the black leaders who were emerging – through their personal sacrifice and unfailing determination – to achieve the national purpose. He decided then that he wanted to be a leader with purpose, like these great people.

Today Nkadimeng is the CEO of the country’s first and most thoroughly black-empowered oil and gas company Afric Oil, with not only black shareholders, but also majority black management.

In this thought-provoking video interview he speaks about his business view of the country and what he believes it’s going to take to achieve an equitable economic turnaround.

Moneyweb will be publishing the exclusive in-depth, half-hour interview in which he reveals his inspired leadership journey; the personal and professional lessons learnt and milestones achieved, on Wednesday May 11.

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