Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
20 May 2020
11:30 am

How Covid-19 has impacted influencers, brand ambassadors

Gopolang Moloko

The economic consequences of the pandemic have been far-reaching forcing most businesses to cut back on costs in an attempt to survive.

Image: iStock

While most would assume the influencer and brand ambassador industry to have taken a knock due to the novel coronavirus, as companies tighten their purse strings regarding their marketing and advertising, social media expert, and digital philanthropist Lebo Lion believes the industry is doing relatively well.

The economic consequences of the pandemic have been far-reaching, forcing most businesses to cut back on costs in an attempt to survive. This has resulted in new challenges for the media industry altogether, all the way down to travel bloggers, influencers and content creators.

Some content creators have been hit the hardest as a result of the lockdown regulations which have forced a halt on what some of the travel vloggers thrived on. The lack of travel for content creators which largely depend on travel content for their business means adapting to a new norm in creating new and exciting content.

In the case of influencer marketing, although some sponsorships may be evaporating, Lion believes this is the time for influencers to create compelling content and approach companies as brands were looking for them “right now”.

“So many people think that influencer marketing is dying because of Covid-19 and that is not the case.

“In fact, this industry is doing far more.

“Brand and companies are going into it because its the easiest way for them to reach customers. While companies are cutting their advertising and marketing budgets whatever money they have left, they channel into influencer marketing.”

The impact of minimal movement has resulted in several new avenues of creativity, with the likes of media personality Sho Madjozi, known for her bright and bold braided hairstyles inspiring many to braid their hair as the country shifts into the cold season.

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