Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
27 Jul 2021
1:15 pm

Violence, xenophobia, hacking chips away at SA’s ‘gateway to Africa’ title

Ina Opperman

Disinvestment last seen under apartheid looms, as investors expand ports elsewhere on the continent, due to our unstable transport routes

The newly built Kazungula bridge over the Zambezi river. Picture: Monirul Bhuiyan/AFP

South Africa is losing its grip as the ‘gateway to Africa’ after the recent unrest and looting in Durban and the burning of trucks on the N3 highway. And now, to add the the country's woes, Durban’s port has been closed as well due to a systems hack. This will have severe consequences for the country’s already battered economy. The country has for many years been the main entry-point to the continent, with the country's busiest harbour in Durban receiving and dispatching goods from all over the world. “Our ports handle at least 6 500 containers per day, with Durban...