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WoF preparing for winter fire season

As we are entering the winter veld fires will start to increase.

Firefighters from Working on Fire (WoF) and their management are busy with specialist training to prepare for the winter fire season.

According to the communication officer of WoF in Gauteng, Parapara Makgahlela, the training is part of the WoF Kishugu Joint Venture. Forty-five WoF firefighters from Merafong are among at least 289 firefighters from Gauteng undergoing Yellow Card training assessments.

The assessment is at the Kishugu Training Academy in Mbombela. The Merafong firefighters are part of the Wedela, Carletonville, and Abe Bailey teams. “The firefighters will perform exercises like battling a firewall, a route march of 10 km, a fire awareness education workshop, a 2,4 km run and various exercises, including pull, push, and sit-ups,” says Makgahlela.

He says these tests are essential in ensuring the firefighters are in good enough shape for the Herculean task of fighting raging fires in the area. According to Stephen Boyes, general manager of Gauteng WoF, they expect at least 289 firefighters to participate since it is a legal requirement.

”We have 15 teams across all the regions in Gauteng,” he said.

He explained that participants without yellow cards may not battle blazes during the winter fire season. Boyes emphasised that the WoF programme implements Integrated Fire Management.

He said the current assessments would aid in reinforcing the occupational health and safety of the firefighters. Kishugu Fleet Solutions is also assessing the drivers’ skills as part of winter fire season readiness.

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