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Merafong’s voters turn up in numbers

A large number of residents voted.

More than 55 000 residents of the Merafong City Local Municipality turned out to vote in the much anticipated 2024 national, provincial and regional election on Wednesday, 29 May.

“People had an urgency to vote that we have not seen in previous elections,” a resident told the Herald.

This sentiment was echoed by several other voters interviewed by the newspaper.

Despite long queues, voters remained patient, waiting to cast their ballots at busy stations such as the Oberholzer Magistrates Court, which stayed open past the original 7:00 PM deadline to accommodate those who were already in line.

Vote counting at several stations extended well into the following morning.
In the end, the ANC secured 28 033 (50.78%) of the national votes, 26 800 (49.66%) of the provincial votes, and 26 819 (49.96%) of the regional votes in Merafong.

The Democratic Alliance obtained second place, with 10 267 (18.60%) of the national votes, 10 364 (19.21%) of the provincial votes, and 10 210 (19.02%) of the regional votes.

Although the EFF was surpassed by the new M.K. party nationally, it still was able to obtain third place in Merafong with 7 484 (13.56%) of the national votes, 7 770 (14.40%) of the provincial votes, and 7 716 (14.39%) of the regional votes.

The newcomers, M.K., captured fourth place in Merafong with 4 329 (7.84%) of the national votes, 3 962 (7.34%) of the provincial votes, and 3 851 (7.17%) of the regional votes.

The only other political party to score more than one per cent of the votes was the VF Plus, which received 1 272 (2.30%) of the national votes, 1 366 (2.53%) of the provincial votes, and 1 537 (2.86%) of the regional votes.

Here are some more photos taken on election day:

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