Sewerage pipe still not connected after three years

The sewerage systems of some houses in Khutsong Ext. 5 have apparently never worked properly since the owners moved in years ago.

The sewerage systems of some houses in Khutsong Ext. 5 have apparently never worked properly since the owners moved in years ago.
“I moved here in 2013 and the sewerage system of my house was still not finished.
I reported it to the municipality and thought that the contractors would come
back to finish the work, but they never did,” says Ms Lolo Phetu, who stays
in house No. 6821. Phetu and neighbours showed the Herald how, instead
of flowing into the area’s sewerage network, the household sewage runs directly
from an unconnected pipe into the back yard. What worked in the Phetu family’s favour on Monday was that the water supply to the house was cut, along with others, when the water supply pipe was damaged by the sinkhole. Despite this, the problem was still so bad that every time someone flushed the toilet with just a little water, all the sewage water from the toilet spurted directly from the open pipe and into the yard. “When there is more water it is really bad. It stinks and my children can only play in
front. In summer, the mosquitoes kill us,” she complained. According to Phetu
and other residents, No. 6818, only a few yards away from the Phetus, has the same problem. They say they have reported the problems to the municipality several times but have not yet been assisted. The Herald took the community’s problems to the Merafong City Local Municipality on Monday.
“There is no evidence at the municipal call and contact centre that such a complaint has ever been logged. It is, therefore, surprising that a three-yearold complaint has suddenly been reported to the Herald. The matter will be logged as a complaint with the call and contact centre as it should have been done in the first place. The  department responsible will investigate and take corrective measures,” a municipal
spokesperson responded. The municipality also informed the Herald earlier
that it was looking into its system handling complaints from the public.
“The municipality is seriously concerned about the alleged reports of unattended
queries logged with the call and contact centre. In this regard, the municipality
has engaged with Microsoft to supply dedicated call and contact centre software,
which will make the follow-up of service complaints and queries easier and more effective. It is envisaged that the initiative will enhance service delivery to the constituents of Merafong City,” the spokesperson indicated.

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