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Former resident now a children’s book writer

A former resident of Carletonville has become an avid writer of children’s books.

Neil Heath Hartley (37) was born and raised in the Carletonville area. He spent his childhood at East Drie and later moved into Carletonville. He attended Westfield Primary School and continued his school career at Carleton Jones High School, where he matriculated in 1999.
“The passion for writing developed early in my life but (I) didn’t take it seriously until later in my life,” he says.
Once the writing bug bit Hartley, though, he started writing various novels.
One of them is called “Behind the mask”, which is an LGBT book that follows the main character, Jerome, on his journey of coming to terms with being gay, bullies, love, suicide and teenhood.
Another book, an Afrikaans book for toddlers, is called “Mamma en die skoene wat nie pas”.
This novel, which also has colouring pictures, tells the story of a young girl who looks up to her mother and why it is important to eat fruit and vegetables to grow big and strong.
“Welcome to the forest of looms” is a fantasy novel which follows a fairy, Maggie-Lynn, with magical powers embark on an adventure of self-discovery.
Hartley is currently busy with another children’s book, “Ashes of rebirth” that will be released later this year.

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