Man robbed in Zircon Street

A Carletonville resident was mugged and robbed while chatting to his friend in his car at around 20:45 on 13 July.

In one of the many incidents that kept police busy on Saturday, the pair were parked in Zircon Street when the incident occurred.
According to the communications officer of the police in Carletonville, WO Peter Masooa, they noticed three men walking past the car. The victim got out and asked the passers-by for the time.
Instead of answering him, they grabbed and insulted him.
They then started assaulting him until he was dazed and his friend came to his rescue. He got the victim back into the car and drove him to Mponeng Mine for medical attention.
Once there, the man realised that his assailants had stolen his cell phone and wallet.

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