Hitchhiker arrested with illegal gun

The Fochville police’s success this week showed, once again, that the N12 is a firm favourite for hijackers.

According to Fochville Police’s communication officer, Sgt Elsie Tshonte, the police were conducting a routine patrol on the N12 in the Fochville area on Thursday, 13 May. Along the route, they noticed a hitchhiker on the side of the road and immediately stopped and searched the man. They realised that he had other intentions when they discovered an unlicensed 9 mm Star pistol and four bullets with him. They immediately arrested the 32-year-old man and charged him with being in possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Following this incident, Tshonte warns motorists to look out for certain things if they want to avoid falling prey to hijackers. She says people should not stop for single men or women hitchhiking on the side of the road. They should also beware of people on the side of the road indicating that their car or truck has a flat tyre. They should rather drive to the nearest filling station or another safe place before checking.

Motorists should also not stop for bogus police or traffic officials who usually wear reflective jackets or use a blue light on their unmarked vehicle. Be very vigilant when you approach a four-way stop. Carefully observe any person or vehicle and ensure that your doors are locked and your windows closed at all times. Tshonte also warns that hi- jackers are often well-dressed and drive slowly in fast vehicles. If you see any suspicious vehicle or person or have information about such activity, call the police emergency number 08600 10111 or SMS to 32211.

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