‘Court outcome will not affect Merafong’

Eskom says a recent court ruling in its favour would not affect the Merafong City Local Municipality.

On 9 March, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) affirmed Eskom’s right to payment for services rendered to municipalities. It ruled that the Letsemeng Local Municipality in the Koffiefontein area in the Free State must pay Eskom all the monies it owes, according to an electricity supply agreement between itself and Eskom. After the ruling, many residents worried that Eskom would switch off the electricity to Merafong because our municipality also owes the energy provider millions. With this in mind, the Herald contacted Eskom on Tuesday. The national energy provider’s communication department answered the same day. “This case will not affect the Merafong City Local Municipality. Eskom has recently engaged with the Merafong Local Municipality to collect what it owes. “The municipality’s total overdue account at the end of February 2022 was R681 million and they have settled R23.3 of the R26.9 million on their current account,” Eskom says.

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