Another policeman killed at roadblock

“He was one of the good ones.”

These are the words several members of the Carletonville police used to describe their colleague, Sgt Xolile Majikijela, who died while performing his duties at a roadblock over the weekend.
According to Carletonville police’s communication officer, WO Peter Masooa, Majikijela was among the police officers working at a roadblock close to the bridge next to Khutsong Extension 5 on Saturday night. The roadblock was part of Operation O Kae Molao.
As far as could be deter- mined, the police were setting up the roadblock when a silver VW Polo sped towards them from the direction of Welverdiend. The vehicle was going much faster than one would expect from someone with a roadblock ahead of them. Majikijela stepped into the road with a torch to direct the driver to pull over to the left.
However, the driver refused to stop, slamming into Majikijela and killing him instantly.
The driver was a woman from the Elijah Barayi mega-housing complex. She was arrested at the scene on charges of culpable homicide and driving under the influence of liquor.
Sgt Majikijela was a well-known, friendly face around the Carletonville police station for several years. He had moved between units in the past week and was working his first shift as a crime prevention officer when he was killed.
Our sincere condolences to his family, colleagues and friends. Majikijela was the second police officer to be killed at a roadblock in our area in the past year. WO Jan Ester- huysen of the Fochville police was also killed by an alleged drunken driver at an O Kae Molao operation roadblock on 16 October last year.

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