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Sewage problems plague Welverdiend

The municipality just seems to ignore the pollution.

Sewerage problems still plague the bottom part of Welverdiend, and the Merafong City Local Municipality does very little about them. For months, residents have complained about sewage flowing from a maintenance hole on 26th Avenue. It is so close to the road that motorists can hear the sewage gurgling. The stench is overbearing.

Although the leak has been there for the past two months, and the residents have reported it to the municipality almost weekly, Merafong has done nothing about it. Worse yet, the sewage flows straight to the Wonderfonteinspruit.

The municipal marketing and communications manager, Mr Temba Fezani, said on 5 March that the “spillage was recurring and the municipality would have to keep unblocking it until it could implement a permanent solution”.

Meanwhile, sewage streaming from another manhole on 17th Street in the same area aggravated the problems. The sewage streamed down the road and onto 26th Avenue. By Monday afternoon, this leak was close to the first.

The Herald asked the municipality about the problems on Monday.

“Blockages are always reocurring and they are attended to as they occur,” was their answer.

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