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Danger at unmarked crossing

The municipality says they are starting to fix the problems.

The municipality’s lack of maintenance at certain intersections in Fochville is endangering the lives of drivers in the town.

On the morning of Friday 14 June two patients had to be transported to Mediclinic Potchefstroom after their vehicles collided at the corner of Rand and 7th Street in Fochville.

The accident took place just after 10:00 and the SAPS, Fire Department and towing services were also at the scene.

Luckily no-one died in the accident, although the two vehicles involved were badly damaged.

It soon became clear that reason for the accident was that the one motorist driving in 7th Street from the direction of Losberg Avenue did not stop because there is no stop sign from this direction.

“There has been no stop sign here for the past two years and there have been many accidents because of this,” says a resident staying next to the crossing, Mr Victor Strydom.

“One time a car even went through the opposite wall,” he says.
According to Strydom and another concerned Fochville resident, Mr Corne van der Merwe, they have complained to the Merafong City Local Municipality about the problem several times.

What makes this crossing even more dangerous is the fact that there is a high wall around the garden at the corner to the left when driving from Losberg Avenue that obscures oncoming traffic in Rand Street.

As far as could be determined, no one has, luckily, been killed at this crossing.

Unfortunately, the problem of unmarked crossings is an old hazard in Fochville.

The Herald has reported previously that there are no traffic signs at any of the corners at the crossing of Bosman and Steyn Street in Fochville.

Other crossings to the busy Steyn Street, such as the one with Eighth Street for motorists coming from the direction of the clinic, are also not marked.
The Herald took the issue to the Merafong City Local Municipality.

They answered that due to limited resources main roads, schools and business areas received the most attention up to now.

When complaints come through there are, however, attended to as and when possible.

The Municipality’s Public Safety Section recently received a long awaited delivery of traffic signs, especially stop signs. The painting section has also started replacing damaged and stolen signs around Merafong.

This section will also start using wooden poles to try and minimize stolen signs.

Vandalism can be reported to 018 788 9500, or to the 107 Communication Centre for activation and response at 011 951 3000.

You can also contact the Municipal Call and Contact Centre for complaints related to missing road signs at 018 788 9990 / 0860 256 256 or send a WhatsApp message to 082 516 0794.

There is no stop sign in 7th Street at the crossing with Rand Street for motorists coming from the direction of Losberg Avenue.


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