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New podcast from Carletonville

A group of local creatives is constantly making sure that our towns' names stay on the map.

Carletonville finally has its own podcast platform that is promoting local talented people called “Podville” which has been accommodating and promoting a variety of local artists.

The platform was founded by Mr Andile Kondile a former radio presenter of Merafong Fm and Merafong 360 radio from 2021 to 2023. He mentioned that he started the Podville as a way to share his passions, interests, and experiences with others.

“Growing up I always felt like I had lot to say but never had the platform to say it so Podville is my way of taking control of my story and sharing it with the world,” he expressed.

Podville is running for the third season and has evolved into a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion of storytelling and conversation. The podcast has added new shows with each having its own unique flavor and style.

According to the host, the platform has segments such as “Uncovering Influencers” which delves into the lives of artists, business owners and thought leaders uncovering their stories and experiences.

The second segment is “The Conversation Circle” which is hosted by Thobile Tlhapi and Mpho Lesesa which tackles tough topics such as homosexuality, HIV/AIDS and more, creating a safe space for open and honest discussion.

The third segment is “The Trap House” and is hosted by BabyBoyWonder which is a haven for hip hop enthusiasts featuring interviews with artists and industry insiders.

“These shows along with our original content make Podville a hub for diverse perspectives and engaging converstions,” further expressed the founder.

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