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No help with graveyard road

It is dangerous for people wanting to visit their loved ones' graves.

Residents who want to visit the Carletonville graveyard must be hyper-alert to avoid injuries.

The road to the graveyard has been a huge problem for years, but its condition continues to deteriorate. When the Herald drove there on Monday, the tarred surface of the first half of the road was in such a state that it is impossible to drive on.

There are almost more potholes than road left, and the tarred road surface is also eroding further on the sides.

The condition of the road has become so bad that motorists have no alternative but to drive on the gravel next to what used to be the tar road. The situation is made more dangerous by the fact that the sides of the remaining tarred surface are much higher than the gravel road next to it. This makes it very dangerous to drive from the tar to the gravel in the case of approaching vehicles.

“The municipality has a project planned to commence in July 2024. It will be the upgrading of the road but due to budgetary constraints only a portion will be done in the next financial year and the remaining part of the project will be completed later,” said municipality’s marketing and communications manager, Mr Temba Fezani.

Unfortunately the gravel path is also deteriorating.

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