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Special talk with children

Many youngsters do not realize the full consequences of the actions.

The police in Wedela held a special outreach as part of Child Protection Week last week.

According to their Social Crime Prevention Coordinator, Sgt Zikhona Sifuba, herself together with Wedela’s station commander, Captain Wayne Pestana and colleagues dealing with domestic violence as well as the Wedela Youth desk, Wedela patrollers, Wedela CPF, a Wedela health promoter from Wedela Clinic and VFR (Victim Friendly Room) members visited the Wedela Xhobani Primary School on 6 June.

The SAPS and other officials and helpers talked to various children, including some boys who were identified with unruly behaviour and who were ill-disciplined. They talked to the children and questioned their behaviour, and also learned that two boys aged 14 and 15 were smoking dagga.

“Captain Pestana tried to talk to the boys from the parental and police perspective. We also asked Mr Tsietsi from Wedela clinic to help the boys by putting them under rehabilitation. The VFR Social worker was also involved. She also interviewed the boys,” says Sifuba.

“Their parents were also called. The boys were told that they don’t have to smoke drugs to be cool. They were also advised to obey their parents and teachers as well as respect elders. They need to focus more on their studies and forget about peer pressure. If they stop what they are doing they will end up in jail and they will have a criminal record. Once they have the criminal records it won’t be easy to get a job and they will struggle. Because of this, they must rather play safe and stay clean,” she added.

A total of 53 children were reached during the action.

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