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Decorating tips for older homes – Modern vintage accents to old charm

Vintage interiors can give your house some character when balanced well with modern finishes. Here are some tips.

Decorating an older home can be quite challenging. You have to find the right balance between the old and the new by making sure you keep your home’s character, while still making the necessary changes and upgrades to keep it looking great.

Here are some top decorating tips to make sprucing up your older home easier:

1. Keep your antique furniture and signature decor pieces

Antique furniture

When you go about decorating an older home, don’t get rid of all your antiques. Even though the furniture or decor pieces may be old, it doesn’t mean they won’t look good in your home. You may have to repaint certain pieces or reupholster old couches, but keep in mind that antique furniture and decor can give your house some personality and make it feel like home.

2. Add new furniture pieces one by one

New furniture

Don’t rush to decorate your home all at once. This could result in you getting rid of furniture and decor that would’ve otherwise looked good with some of your new additions. Instead, take your time to make styling decisions so that you can make the best possible choices for your home’s aesthetic.

3. Choose your colour scheme carefully

Colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home will help take your home’s aesthetic from dated to vintage chic.

Be sure to pick complementary colours. It is recommended that walls, ceiling and trims are painted in one colour to minimize imperfections and maximize beautiful details.

4. A little character goes a long way

When decorating an older home, you may feel as though anything old should be replaced or fixed. However, sometimes it’s the imperfections that add a bit of life into a home. It all depends on how you work with them. You can incorporate imperfections into your decor to emphasise your home’s character. For instance, a cracked wall can look rustic and chic when paired with the right furniture and decorations.

5. Give your wooden surfaces a lift

Liven up wooden surfaces

Wood tends to lose its shine and become dull when it’s old. Give your wooden furniture and flooring a lift by using acrylic gloss spray to bring back the shine. Your wood will look as good as new, while still retaining its vintage feel.

6. Revamp your bathroom

Old bathroom

If your bathroom looks too outdated, perhaps it’s time to re-tile or replace your bathtub and basin. If this is too expensive for you to do, you can always opt to paint over old tiles with tile paint to give your bathroom a cleaner and more modern look.

If you’re thinking of decorating your old home, doing so is possible, but it’s worth remembering that adding new modern elements shouldn’t mean getting rid of your vintage finishes, which give your home character.    

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