How to stay cool in your third trimester

Your third trimester can get uncomfortable during summer, thanks to hot flushes, swollen ankles, and heat intolerance. Here’s how to keep cool.

Pregnancy brings many different niggles, and some of these are made even worse with warmer weather. Being pregnant during summer means you’re more prone to heat exhaustion, which includes excessive sweating, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and abdominal cramps. The good news is there are a few hacks to help you stay cool.

Take a dip in the pool

Dipping your body in cool water will prevent overheating, and swimming is also an ideal form of exercise when you’re expecting since it’s a low-impact activity that provides cardio benefits.

Freeze your favourite fruit

It’s refreshing and will help keep your body temperature down. Other healthy snack options include frozen yoghurt and chilled carrot sticks.

Drink lots of water

Make sure you always have a water bottle on hand to help keep you hydrated. If you’re more likely to reach for juice or fizzy drinks, rather add lemon zest or your favourite fruit to your water for some flavour.

Use an ice pack

Your body temperature is slightly higher during pregnancy, so wrap a wet face cloth over an ice pack and place it over your forehead to help keep you cool. You can also suck on ice cubes.

Wear loose clothing

Flowing dresses and light-weight clothing such as sheer blouses will give your body room to breathe. Steer clear of tight-fitting clothing, denim, and heavy cotton.

Spend afternoons indoors

Stay in an air-conditioned area when it gets too sunny. Being outdoors allows you to get your dose of vitamin D, but indoors is best when the heat is unbearable.

Have a quick cool shower

Taking cool showers throughout the day will help you feel cooler and less sweaty. And if you’re feeling sluggish, a shower might be what you need to feel more refreshed.

Put your feet up

Working up a sweat is bound to make you feel hot and sticky, so put your feet up and enjoy being pregnant. If household duties are screaming for your attention, ask for help.

Choose lighter meals

Summer is all about salads, fresh juices and veggies so have fun with healthier food options. Rather than fried food, opt for boiled or grilled because greasy food slows down your metabolism and produce more heat during the digestion process. Instead of eating a big portion in one sitting, try eating smaller portions throughout the day.

Try prenatal yoga

Stress and anxiety can cause your temperature to rise and yoga will help you to slow down and practice deep breathing. When you’re calm and relaxed, you’re likely to be in a better mood.


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