Beauty with purpose

It’s never been easier to start an eco-friendly beauty routine.

Recycle your empties

Use a double bathroom bin or little baskets to separate your non recyclables and recyclables. Make sure they are clean and empty and remove all flip-tops, lids and pumps.  

Be thoughtful about packaging

More brands use packaging made from recycled materials and it’s usually written on the container.  

Buy sustainable brands

Research environmentally friendly, cruelty free products online so you don’t waste time wandering up and down the beauty aisles. Chat to your beautician and friends as they may know of fabulous eco-friendly products you’ve never heard of. Look out for brands that have in-store recycling incentives, for example, Mac Cosmetics offers shoppers a free lipstick once they return six empties to the store. See and look under the tab ‘Back to Mac’.  

Wash your face with a cloth

Disposable cleansing wipes are convenient and easy to use, but they strip the skin of its natural oils and PH levels plus they get a definite environmental no as they take about 100 years to break down in a landfill. Use a make-up removal sponge with a little water to clean your face  – it will last up to three months. Cotton pads and buds are also not eco-friendly.  

Streamline your beauty routine

Instead of buying endless beauty products, tidy up your daily regime so you only use exactly what you need and restock when it runs out. Look out for multipurpose products and try a few skin and beauty remedies to make at home.

Where to start looking for eco-friendly beauty products

There are many brands available so it can be a little overwhelming for beginners.  Here are a few websites you can visit as you start your greener beauty journey:

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