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Clean tech is the drive for lower carbon emissions, sustainable sourcing and low-waste products, but historically it’s been too costly. Now green tech and energy, coupled with venture capital investment, is developing so rapidly that large corporations can use cleaner production processes, improve their environmental impact and save money in the long run. Here are some of the trends to watch.

  1. New technology

Companies around the world are having to assess the environmental impact of their product’s entire life cycle. For example, autonomous cars are not only designed to use fewer fossil fuels but can be programmed to constantly monitor road conditions and prevent accidents by warning the driver.  

  1. Plastic recycling

It’s called “turning trash into cash” and refers to plastic waste being converted into useful products such as synthetic lumber. Plastic bottles, pill bottles, old pens, broken Tupperware and milk cartons, can all be recycled to produce reusable and more durable plastics, and they’re starting to replace aluminium and steel components in more and more products.  

  1. Green biotechnology

As a partial result of the pandemic, where everything from respirators and vaccines needs quick and efficient delivery, the medical industry has had to rethink the development of less wasteful processes when it comes to risk assessment, diagnosis, safety and traceability. This should lead to more efficient medical services as well as cost-efficiency.  

  1. Green hydrogen

Battery and solar-powered cars are replacing combustion engines, but they still depend on “dirty industry”. Hydrogen, however, can be produced as a non-polluting, “green” fuel and can be used for planes and trains as well as vehicles. It’s predicted this growing industry could completely replace coal and gas, and it’s about to become mainstream, an industry on its own.  

  1. 3D printing

The ability to mass-produce small parts is becoming the new reality and precise printing of all types of materials has become an industry of its own. Everything from plastic to metal and molten glass can be precisely printed and used as raw materials and without limitations from conventional casting or CNC machining.  

  1. Industrial technology

Ageing infrastructure is being replaced by greener systems like water purification plants that don’t use chemicals. Another developing green industry is carbon dioxide capture, which reduces the cost of carbon extraction systems and helps big plants lower their chemical emissions.  

  1. Semiconductor technology

It’s believed that power conversions, transistors and semiconductors will lead to greener production processes and systems. As a result, polluting industries will be able to operate without the toxic outputs and chemical waste seen in the past.

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